Friday, January 2, 2015


Assalamualaikum w.b.t. and greetings to all,

Recently, on 14th December 2014, MediSZA had its 5th Annual Grand Meeting (AGM) at Dewan Teater, Kampus Perubatan UniSZA. The conductors of the meeting were Muhammad Fauzan bin Abdul Hamid (Year 3) and Nur Izzati Azyan binti Alimuddin (Year 4)

The meeting lasted for 2 hours, started from 5.00 pm until 7.00 pm. The event started with Muhammad Farid Hafiz bin Mod Ma'asum leading the prayers and duas to ensure a blessed event and later the speeches continued with our former advisers, Prof. Madya Dr. Norizhar bin Kadarman and Dr. Norhasiza binti Mat Jusoh. Critiques and suggestions were also expressed by our respected advisors.

Former secretary of MediSZA 2013/2014 session, Nur Izzati Azyan binti Alimuddin talked about activities planned and successful activities achieved throughout the year.

Former treasurer of MediSZA 2013/2014, Hasnaa' binti Abdul Rahim gave an overview of the financial aspect and MediSZA's account status.

Then, Ahmad Aiman bin Abdul Ghani which was our former YDP gave his speech regarding on overall 2013/2014 session of MediSZA.

Active participation could clearly be seen from our fellow audience who voiced out their opinions, suggestions and comments to the past and new members of MediSZA. We would like to thank for the feedbacks that went smoothly.

The meeting continued with the introductory on the new members and special units of MediSZA 2014/2015 by Muhammad Fauzan bin Abdul Hamid and our new YDP of MediSZA, Muhammad Azwan bin Azizan was called to the floor to give his first official speech as the new YDP of MediSZA 2014/2015.  In addition, Thinnakaraen A/L Chelliah also talked about Society of MMA Medical Students (SMMAMS) and its activities.

Official files and duties concessions were carried out in between former committee members and the new committee members. Next session is followed with photography session.

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