Thursday, June 21, 2012

May peace be upon all of you....

On 15-16th June 2012, Persatuan Mahasiswa/i Perubatan (PERMATA) has successfully organised an event called Family Day. This programme brought an objective to strengthen the 'ukhwah' between all the three batches besides to nurture the spirit of healty competitiveness between the houses which all  medical students are put in ; Hexachlorophene (Green), Beclomethasone (Blue), Oxymethaxolene (Oren) and Metronidazole (Red).

This programme comprised of sports and activities,outdoor and indoor games included. At the end of this event, Hexachlorophene was annouced to win the first place, Beclomethasone, second place, followed by Oxymethaxolene and Metronidazole which won the third and fourth place respectively. The list of activities held are listed as follows :

15th June 2012
 Badminton Competition

16th June 2012
Morning session:
-Soccer Macho
-Volley Cantik
- Run Baby Run (errrr..lari dlm guni...)
- Aduh, periuk api
- Pahitnya Nyiur Itu ( pentaque...klasik tol cm nama novel jer teman dgor...)

Evening Session
- PingPongPang (Ping pong)
-Karam di Lautan (carrom)
- Tarik tali

There were some photos of remembrance taken during this event :

 Beregu badminton - Oxymethaxolene

 Supportes - Beclomethasone

 Aduh, periuk api ! - Metronidazole

 Sekadar gambar hiasan..hehehe

Pahitnya nyiur itu - Hexachlorophene
Aduh, periuk api! - Hexachlorophene

3 generations of unisza's MBBS....GO METRONIDAZOLE!!!
 ( Ok, no bias here....)

Pahitnya nyiur itu....Metro and Hexa

(wira2 kita gambor xbpe nk cute, jd ambe xbubuh la yer...hehehe..)




 Other activities which were also being competed...

Volley cantik - Beclomethasone

 Soocer Macho - Metro vs Oxy
Run baby run
Tarik tali - Hexachlorophene (Champion Tarik tali)
Pose from every house after the event..

No matter what the colour of the T- shirt represents, but we are still the UniSZA's MBBS STUDENTS, STRIVE FOR THE BEST, INSYAALLAH WILL BE THE BEST~~~~

Last but not least, congratulations to the committee members of this Family Day programme. They have done a great job in making this event a success. High appreciation for all the members of PERMATA who were supportive towards this Family Day event and took part in every activity arranged.

p/s = special thanks to nadiah, for the photos

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Visit to Taman Sinar Harapan

May peace be upon all of you...

On 10th May 2012, 52 second- year medical students of Universiti Sultan ZainalAbidin accompanied by two lecturers and a community officer made a visit to Taman SinarHarapan, Bukit Besar Kuala Terengganu. It is situated 3 kilometres from the heart of Kuala Terengganu and from the campus it was only a 15 minutes journey.
Our visit emphasized on aims to learn about the function and services provided at Taman Sinar Harapan, to appreciate the inmate physical and psychological condition as well as to demonstrate good communication skills when interact with them.
There are seven institutions of Taman SinarHarapan in Malaysia which are organized under Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat. Taman Sinar Harapan Kuala Terengganu , which is directed by En. Zulhimi Omar, is among one of them, which is specifically for the inmates ranging from 3 to 15 years old. But at the time of our visit, there was also a 44 year old woman who was also under care. The inmates of Taman SinarHarapan Kuala Terengganu are among those who have learning disabilities, mental retardation, being abused and also including the unfortunates who were neglected by their families due to their abnormalities.
Generally, all Taman SinarHarapan in Malaysia bring the same objectives which are as follows:
·         - Provide care, protection and recovery to those who have learning disabilities , being abandoned , parentless, having no one to take care of them and also for those who need recovery training.
·         - Provide self-care learning so they can do things by themselves
·         -Give pro-vocasional training so they can be independent
·         -Give social skill learning and cooperate with volunteer bodies in order to make them mingle with     the society.
h    Taman Sinar Harapan is one of the institution provided by the government in order to care for those who are having physical or mental disabilities. Indirectly, the existence of such body can educate Malaysians in term of humanity and love among each other regardless of who they are. Those unfortunates always welcome people to approach them because they also need some exposure to social life like normal one. In addition, they also have the will to live outside just like normal people if they are able to one day. Thus, we must give some contribution to them in term of facilities, funds, special education, volunteers and expertise such as teachers, doctors, psychiatrists, nurses, physiotherapies and others. We also responsible to serve an encouraging and comfortable environment which can help them develop better recovery to their mental and physical lack.