Friday, July 23, 2010


To be updated...

Weekly Routine

Well, well, well, if it isn'nt our new post for second semester!
Sorry for not updating frequently..
I must say this earlier weeks is a little busy
(i guess)

For the First batch, they got their Kokurikulum already!
Maybe you know it already juniors, you cannot join koko till atleast sem 3
Not that the University restricts KOKO, but those clubs are the official ones.
If you wanna join clubs, there are plenty that you can join, most of them in Gong Badak Campus (sigh...)
But here in Maidam we got our one and only club, Maidam MyClub..
Want details? Ask the Pengerusi la.

Wait a minute, who is the pengerusi?

(wait till he get back from Kem)

Well i guess i have deviated from the point already
What I meant to say is
Every week First batch has got their KOKO on Saturday
And Second Batch has all the weekend free!
Whatever la you wanna do study ke, Jalang2 ke, Sukan ke
Use it wisely guys!

Hehehehe cant wait to go kayaking with Syed Johari, Nash, Bupha, Fafi and Anaman!
tomorrow got raptai for the CONVO