Monday, April 25, 2011


On 22nd of April,we celebrated those from the 2nd batch of MBBS who born on April.Some kind of surprise birthday party that was undercovered by the choir practice that nite...hehehehe

The victims that nite.....huhuhuhu
yg baju koko bkak mlut luas ckit tu.....RUBINI!!!!!!hahaha...semangatnyer u nyanyi Rubi....


(sowie korang,xtau nk letak gambar yg mana...dlam simpanan suma gambar reramai yg xjelas muke korang 2...haizzzzzz)

At first,we practiced for our choir (utk malam dinner nanti...nantkan kemunculan kami!!!!!)...then...the lights went off suddenly and taraaaaaaa.....WE PRESENTED TO U THE CAKE!!!!!!

 (suara kami yg 'lunak' memecah suasana malam dengan menyanyikan lagu hepi birthday...kpd penghuni maidam....sabor jela mendgar suara kami yg merdu ni ek....hehehe)
kek yg sdp.....hehehe

make a wish first......(ko wat pe 2 rubi???hehehe)

tiup kek!!!!!!!

potong kek!!!!!!!

(SILA AMBIL PERHATIAN: gambar2 d ats menunjukan cara2 untuk menyambut birthday party yer kengkwn...blh d ambil sbg panduan kepda mereka yg x tahu lg....hahaha)

Nadzirah n Asmi were not present at that time (xnampak pn korang...balik kampung ek????)so....rubi n steph ajela yg popular dalam post kali ni....there was none of the boys born on April...only 4 girls...thus the equation as follows:

G + I + R + L = 4 = ASMI + STEPH + NADZIRAH + RUBI !!!!



Special thanks owning to : HASNAA' - for the photos =)

Friday, April 22, 2011


21 April 2011
Happy Earth Day!!
to all members of Persatuan Mahasiswa/i Perubatan UniSZA (PERMATA UniSZA)
together we save our earth..

~Unity For The sake of Humanity~

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Program Iftar Jama'i PERMATA UniSZA
21 April 2011
Bertempat di Kolej Kediaman MAIDAM UniSZA 
Semua Ahli PERMATA UniSZA Terlibat

~Unity For The Sake of Humanity~

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Semoga Berjaya...
EOM Assessment Module 16: Public Health 1
14 April 2011
11.00 a.m - 1.00 pm

~Unity for the Sake of Humanity~

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Assalamualaikum w.b.t.....
Alhamdulillah... akhirnya berjaya juga siapkan gambar organisasi
PERMATA UniSZA Sesi 2010/2011
diharap semua AJK dapat menjalankan tugas dengan baik dan ikhlas
Biro Publisiti & Perhubungan Luar memohon maaf diatas kelewatan meng"upload" gambar ini.

[klik pada imej untuk besarkan saiz imej]

~Unity for the Sake of Humanity~

Sunday, April 3, 2011


On 31st March-2nd April 2011, second batch of MBBS UNISZA attended a camp called 'Kem Kepimpinan dan Kebolehpasaran Graduan' at Kem Latihan Belukar Bukit Hulu Terengganu which was organised by HEPA.There were 52 of us who participated in the camp.We leaved Kuala Terengganu at about 7.15 pm and reach the camp around 2 hours later (feeling tired,hungry and quite irritated to spend holidays in the camp especially after EOM...huhuhuhu).After 2 hours of journey we reached the destination and guess what????......WE HAVE TO WALK TO THE CAMP IN THE DARK!!!! There was no lamp post,no houses arond and absolutely there was no telephone line in the middle of the jungle!!!!(that was the worst thing of all...fortunately ada 2 bars untuk celcom...he5..i'm using celcom,quite happy with that...hahaha).
sempat lg berposing....hehehe
Night,31st March

We were quite relieved to reach the camp in the dark and ambushed the cafe first to find anything to eat (we were starving!!!!).After dinner, we were instructed to go to the hall for our first talk by Encik Termizi ( ramai yg admire dia, tensen aku...haizzz) and were being divided into groups...oppsss,forget to say that there were also students from Program Dakwah (FKI) and FPPP (actually do not sure what it is stand for...apologize..).After the session we have supper and got to bed and prepare to sleep and we were thankful because we have a very nice dorm with toilets inside and a cossy bed for each of us (at first i thought we have to build tents and etc..).

1st April 2011
kumpulan 7 dan kumpulan 10

We woke up early in the morning and prepared for subuh and after that we went to the hall again for briefing about the timetable and being reminded about some of the things which we should be concern for.(especially about time....b punctual!!!!!!).En Shafei who we called Abah and other facilitators were very nice to us and welcomed us warmly into the camp.Before we proceeded into LDKs, we ate breakfast and after that, move in groups with the selected facilitators ( i was in group 5 and En Ali was my facilitator...he was very nice and kind person ^-^).
In the LDKs,we were being taught about many things. As for me,i learned so much regarding the quality that a person should have in order to be a good and empolyability graduate in the future career. There were presentations that we should accomplish and the co-operation between all the group members was awesome though we came from different courses and backgrounds.We were being 'woken up' by the facilitator about our responsibility as children and other things about life that we were actually not realising.

aduhai rahman skt perut ak ketawa.....hahaha

kan ak kata ramai yg ketawa....hahaha

Azwa menjadi presentor untuk kumpulannya...CAYALAH!!!

2nd April 2011

Jeng!jeng!jeng! about 1 am, we startled from deep sleep by a loud sound that actually was a sign for the programme that night...KEMBARA.Actually we have been informed earlier about the activity and it was not quite a shock for us but a bit of disturbance to wake up from a nice sleep (sincerely i did not hear anything.nasib baik rubini kejutkan...hehehe)
We were instructed to gather at the compound and marched into the jungle.But i felt terified once i knew that the journey in the jungle was individual!!!!it meant no friends,no facilitators,no light!!! it also meant that there were darkness,unknown dangers,ghosts.........(i almost crying when thinking bout that.......huhuhu).
We were having a difficult time to past through the challenges of walking alone in the darkness,with only guidance from the rope that we should hold tightly.i dont know how others gone through it,but me myselft have burst into tears when a fake 'pocong' suddenly bumped in front of me......(if i know it was fake...dah lama ak tumbuk antu tu....huwaaa...tensennyerrrrrrrr!!!!!).
Although i have a 'nightmare' that time but now i realised that i have to be brave and try not to be so coward.I also believe that the others also found KEMBARA was a very exciting and challenging experience that was a memoriable thing to remember....

sempat lg berposing.....

apa yg penting.....KERJASAMA!!!

dengan penuh ayunya aisya melepasi halangan spider web..

hasna' membentangkan hasil kerja kumpulan.....

taraaa!!!!this is my group....

After that tiresome journey in the jungle,we did not sleep until subuh and continue with our last programme of the day after breakfast.In groups,we have to go through 4 checkpoints which we were asked to do many things.

first checkpoint: we were taught about the importance of good communication skills which was represented by a activity that needed some of us to draw a weird animal according only to the description of our partner.(i was the one who drawing.guess what i have drawn???an animal with no drawing skill is so poor....huwaaa..)

second checpoint: we were instructed to sing the university's song.unfortunately, many did not memorise the lyrics.the facilitator also asked us about general knowledge which i failed to answer...hahaha (weh sapa menteri pendidikan tinggi haa????)

third checpoint:we have to cross the spider was easy for the lean and small person (absolutely not me....)

fourth checkpoint:we were given the stimuli and have to sort out who was the counselor.a mind challenging activity.(my group got it wrong.......huhuhuhu)

After the activity,we finally gather back in the hall for the closing ceremony of the camp.Sincerely i was reluctant to leave Abah and all the facilitators and also Hutan Belukar Bukit because all of them were so caring and treated us like their own children.The place...hold so many of our memoriable experiences that surely cannot be forgotten by us forever....thanx Abah...thank u all the facilitators....(thanx En group's facilitator)..

the song during the closing ceremony......MASIHKAH KAUINGAT-KOPRATASA
masihkah kau ingat pada waktu itu,
sekuntum bunga mekar kuselit ke rambutmu,
lalu kugenggam ia menjadi layu...dan menjd rindu..
masihkah kau ingat...

masihkah kau ingat,
kita berlari-lari..
d kaki langit... mencari pelangi....
lalu hujan turun kita basah bersama...
masihkah kau ingat..(2x)

masihkah kau ingat...
sekuntum bunga itu..
d tapak tngan ini....ia menjd layu...
lalu kugenggam ia menjd debu...
masihkah kau ingat...(4x)

After the closing ceremony, we have our lunch n be prepared to go back to MAIDAM.Although this 3 days and 2 nights camp was so tiring, but there were a lot of benefits that we learned and InsyaAllah will guide us to grow into a more responsible individual for tha sake of family, religion, country and also for the humanity..Wsalam

Special thanks to...
hasna'-for the picture.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Pada 24 Mac 2011, Centre of Clinical and Quality of Life Study (CCQoLS), Fakulti Perubatan dan Sains Kesihatan (FPSK) Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin (UniSZA) telah menganjurkan " Seminar Kesihatan Awam 2011". Seminar ini adalah sambungan daripada "International Conference of Health 2008" yang diadakan pada 24 Ogos 2008 di Kampus Gong Badak UniSZA. Seminar ini telah diadakan di Dewan Teater Kampus Kota, UniSZA.


Seminar ini melibatkan staf FPSK UniSZA, Pelajar Perubatan Tahun 2 UniSZA dan juga peserta luar. Seramai 200 orang telah menyertai seminar ini. Penglibatan pelajar perubatan tahun 2 bertujuan memberi pendedahan tetang kesihatan awam disamping itu ia juga merupakan salah satu sesi pengajaran/kuliah untuk Module "Public Health 1".

Seminar dimulakan dengan ucapan alu-aluan daripada Dekan FPSK Prof. Dr. Ahmad Zubaidi dan seterusnya upacara perasmian oleh Naib Canselor UniSZA Dato' Prof Dr. Alias Daud. Antara penceramah yang dijemput adalah, Prof. Dato' Dr. Syed Mohamed Aljunid daripada UNU-IIGH Kuala Lumpur, Prof Ann Bryan daripada University of Chester, Prof. Dr. Abdul Rahman Esa daripada UniSZA dan Prof. Dr. Arunodaya Barman juga daripada UniSZA.

Antara pengisian sepanjang seminar adalah:
  1. Health System in the 21st Century ( Prof Dato' Dr. Syed Mohamed Aljunid)
  2. Ethical Issues In Public Health research ( Prof. Dr. Abdul Rahman Esa)
  3. Public Health In Undergraduate Medical Education ( Prof Dr. Arunodaya Barman)
  4. Making A Difference In Health and Social Care ( Prof Ann Bryan)

Prof Dato' Dr. Syed Mohamed Aljunid
UNU-IIGH Kuala Lumpur

Pendaftaran peserta seminar

Sesi bersama Prof Ann Bryan from University of Chester

Kenangan bersama Prof Ann Bryan

"Translating Public Health to the Community 21st Century Focus on Research on Medical Education and Social Care"