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Trip to Pusat Darah Negara, Institut Jantung Negara

In conjunction with the 1st module of the second semester, the Cardiovascular module; a trip to Kuala Lumpur has been organized. The question is why Kuala Lumpur?

When it comes to Kuala Lumpur most of the places has the word "Negara" in it. Perpustakaan Negara, Balai Seni Negara and Pusat Sains Negara. So, Institut Jantung Negara and Pusat Darah Negara is not an exceptional. This suits one of our objectives which is to to get exposure of the latest techniques and medical methods available, especially related to the Cardiovascular Module.

Just right after Chinese New Year( 16/2/10) a trip consisting of the first year students, 3 lecturers, a few staff and dean (Professor Ahmad Zubaidi) departs from UDM Kampus Kota at noon.

The Bus ride had not gone exactly as in the schedule due to some traffic jam near Karak Highway.

The Traffic Jam Drove Us Crazy!
Need some early sleep..

But, we eventually arrived at 10.00 p.m at Plaza Rah and then Kolej Tun Syed Nasir, which will be the place to stay for next 2 days.
We got in our respective rooms, unpack our things and had a good night sleep. (Its gonna be a long day tomorrow!)

The next day starts with a nice breakfast at a food court near HKL. Our dean insisted for us to try the food there. Its the place where he always go when he was a student. This day was specially allocated for visit to UKM. It is specially done so that we can learn the way the pioneer Medical School handle things.

Breakfast at HKL

Our visit starts at the UKM Anatomy Museum. As one of the pioneer medical school in Malaysia, of course they had a lot of anatomy materials compared to UDM. Who knows in next few years will have our own museum? Guess lot of work for our science officer, Abg Najib and Cik Zul! Hohoho..
Well, we got to see lots of Plastinations, Jar Museum and Wax coated specimen. Plastinations last longer and odorless.

Anatomy Museum

Next stop is the Dissection Hall. The accompanying UKM lecturer is so interactive and friendly. Sorry I cannot recall her name, she ask one question about shoulder pain (I think,Cannot recall either). Its not that we do not know but its something we have not learn yet. But luckily, Dr. Thant Zin save us, well what can you expect from a Pathologist. Its about Sub-Pherinc Abscess. Thanks, nice save! Before going on to the next department, we watch a recorded video on the Spinal Cord. ( I guess its to early for CNS anatomy!)

Examining the cadaver

Then we continue our visit to each department under Medical Faculty. (Pharmacology, biochemistry, Physiology) We had been given tour in each department and had also some discussions on how things operate here in medical school. The stuff are friendly and resourceful.

One of the Jar specimen in parasitology department: Ascaris lumbricoides

Physiology department: Discussion

Listening attentively?

If you are around UKM KL campus, it is a must to stop by Kamal Bookstore which is just a stone's throw away from the campus. We bought our own stethoscope and some extra books.
(Guyton's Phisiology and also Macleods Clinical Book)

We had some rest an around 5 pm it is time to go to Professor Zubaidi's house in Sunway Damansara. We had our Solat Maghrib Jemaah there and had dinner. Dinner was superb but the speeches from Prof. Zubaidi, lecturers and Irsyad are the one which are meaningful.
Professor Murali said he enjoyed the visit and also praised, Prof. Zubaidi as a great host.

Arriving at Professor Zubaidi's Home Sweet Home

Speech by Prof. Zubaidi

Menu of the day: Nasi Biryani


On the second day, like the day before, we ate our breakfast near HKL and then straight to Pusat Darah Negara. We were assisted by the
We were shown how things operate there, from the transfusion process to the labaratory process. We learnt that blood can be processed into red blood cell, platelets and plasma. Some of us also had volunteered to donate. But, not all are used to blood donating! First time? Yikess...

Components of Blood

Briefing before tour

Some decide to donate!

Cross matching
Blood is test for HIV or etc before given to the patient

Institut Jantung Negara was one place that we have been anticipated to go to. We had our lecture first by Dato' Dr. Nasir (A cardiosurgeon) than we had our tour. Remember! There are two ways of investigating heart problems! ~invasive and non-invasive!

One thing which we appreciate most was the Echocardiogram, such magnificent technology! (magnificent? Too bombastic word) Thanks to me, there is a volunteer, I really want to see my heart, (like a mother eager to see her baby in her uterus) but the screen is in different direction! Well not a total bummer, at least i know my heart is healthy and free checkup from a great specialist does not always happen this days. Anyway Dato' Nasir describe us how to identify the valves, apex and chambers from the screen. Plus, the liver also has been shown: the Portal triad an IVC.
The radiology department had also shown us the MRI and CT scan images of the heart.
We end our trip to IJN earlier than expected, went straight back to KTSN after few group photograph.

Malaysian Hearts Institution

A lecture given by Dato' Dr Nasir

With Dato' Naser, Prof Murali and Prof. Murali's wife


Echocardiogram demo

Equipment for Stress Test

A portable equipment to record hearts activity during attack.
Very convinient by just playing the recorded sound on the phone line to IJN, it is then automatically analyzed!

Group Photo

Since we havent had our free activity yet, Prof. Zabidah decided to let go shopping.
We were already exhausted but this is actually a good thing to do to end up our trip.

9.00 P.M was our queue to regroup and wait for our bus to back to UDM. We met Prof. Zabidah's son and daughter and it makes me think that it mas be hard for a mother to bee away from their kids. Its a sacrifice in order to help to create some good doctors over here in UDM.

One last group photo

We arrived around 5 a.m. The bus ride felt short because most of us were sleeping. Too tired I guess.. Well its worth it. Thank you so much to our dean, lecturers and staff who have worked so hard for our trip. Its meaningful really!
Thanks to our lecturer and staff who worked hard for this trip. We really appreciate it!

Written by:
Muhammad Asraf Abdullah Latif
Publicity and External Relations Exco
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