Saturday, March 20, 2010

Birthday Party: February & March

Our target for this monthand last month are:



Not Prof Nordin, Its Mustaqim ok (No other picture, malas nak crop.. Its hard to get a proper picture of Mustaqim, if you know what I mean)

(xda pic dialah dlm database aku ni)

This party was actually plan by some of the 1st batch students, not all of us really know. In fact, if this plan has gotten to me earlier i might be the 'mulut tempayan' and bust of all of the surprise.

Deceived by this group of people who had plan all of this *angelic and **devious plan, all of us went down at 9.00 a.m. We walk down to the cafe having our minds thinking that there 'll be a meeting of Persatuan Mahasiswa UDM. the meeting was just a cover.
*angelic? celebrating our friends' birhtday!
**devious? Why you'll soon know what I meant...

BUT SORRY MATES, its not a surprise after all, those food and drinks are to exposed for these curious eyes. I understand they must be tired and time is limited, we cannot expect that it will go well as planed. (Maybe la... betul ke?? Just a wild guess.) Some of these birthday girls and boys are too early and some are late. So Nitthya, Ricky, Wong knows. (Ala.. Spoilnya)

Waiting for the birthday girls and boys to arrive

Saufiq our Sports And Recreational Bureau are the last to arrive, talking to the phone or maybe 'talking' to the phone. hmmm... Takut diapa-apakan lah tu? Should he run or should he panicked? Fortunately for him Flight or fright response is not activated at all due to the fact that lots of food is served! (gurau je ye saufiq)
(tak besnya takdela B2 receptor activated for bronchodilation! Saja je nak kaitkan ngan phisio! anyway you brochodilation can be brought about by Salbutamol, short acting B2 angonist)

The party starts with a birthday song and blowing candles just like any birthday party. I could not imagine the party going any other way anyway.

Nitthya and his big brother, Mustaqim

Unrelated porsennels poses wih bithday cake
The 'perasmian' of the cake!
(bupha's hand if im not mistaken)

Then comes the time to eat!

Menu of the day:


Kerepok Lekor
Keropok Cheasels
Keropok Twisties

Birthday cake March
Birthday cake April

It doesn't sound nutritious isn't it?
A treat of fats, sugars and preservatives!

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