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On 13th of June, MediSZA's committee members held 2nd Annual Dinner for all MediSZA's members at Taman Tamadun Islam Convention Centre in Kuala Terengganu. The theme of the night is Mysterious Night with black, silver and gold as the main colours. The objectives of the night are to gather everyone, to present the dean list awards and most importantly to celebrate our eldest siblings, the Year 5 seniors! 

The night started with VIPS and guests arriving the hall. After welcoming speech by the emcees, our dearest guests enjoyed a scrumptious lining of buffet and this marked the starting of gimmicks for the performances.

Our official gimmick video;

Then, the award presenting for all Dean's List receivers. Congratulations from all for us for your outstanding achievements. We hope others would use this as a motivation to compete and be the creme de la creme as well ;)

Next, the night continues with Year 1 dancing and singing performance 

10 lucky people are called out for lucky draws after the performance and the night continues with Year 3's nasyeed performance. 

Now it comes to our main stars of the night! the Year 5 seniorsss! :)
An appreciation post for our Year 5 seniors have been compiled in a video and montage and were viewed that night. The video below was specially made by our own Year 5 seniors for their juniors and also as a memoirs for them who have survived 5 years in UniSZA's medical school. 

They later performed a song titled Flashlight as their last performance in medical school

Singing Flashlight
Waving 'flashlights' during the performance

Full video can be watched here,

The night goes with the awards ceremony for all Year 5 students and the announcement for the best student award!

With the respected Deputy Deans and VIPs

and the most interesting part of the night was announcement for the King and Queen of Mysterious Night! 

Congratulations King and Queen! ;)
Mysterious Night ends with photography session with all the beautiful and handsome members of MediSZA at the photo booths and tree of 'lights'

Congratulations to the whole TeamDinner for organising such a magical and grandeur night!

The Lady behind Mysterious Night :D

Everyone in TeamDinner! :)

Last but not least, to our dearest final year seniors good luck and all the best with your Professional Exam 2! May Allah ease your journey having to embark of becoming great doctors to serve the community and as for the muslims, whatever you do always remember your nawaitu is always for Allah SWT. We will always look up to you our dearest brothers and sisters. Some of us probably knew you guys for 4 years or less but all of you are indeed the pioneer of UniSZA's medical students and you made us all proud. As a MediSZA's family members, always remember that a strong bond defies all barriers and transcend all possibilities. This is why we will always remains as a family in and out of Medical School. Bon Voyage seniors!


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